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AWISCO - About Us

Take a look at how we got to where we are today.

Why Choose Us

My father started this welding business in February 1952 and I am proud to say that AWISCO is still a family owned business!

The timeline below looks back at all that has changed to bring AWISCO to where it is today. While there have been many changes over the past 72 years, there are a couple of things that remain the same; a hardworking and dedicated AWISCO staff and loyal customers. I am proud to say that over 30% of AWISCO employees have been employed here for over 10 years. Those staff members account for over 500 years of experience. I would like to thank all AWISCO employees and customers for making AWISCO what it is today!
- Lloyd Robinson (President)

{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage1.jpg", "date": "February 1952", "title": "A Bronx Beginning", "desc": "Bernie Robinson starts ACE Welding on Fordham Road in the Bronx." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage2.jpg", "date": "1958", "title": "The Merger", "desc": "ACE Welding merges with Harris Welding in NJ & becomes Harris Ace Welding." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage3.jpg", "date": "1959", "title": "Change of Scenery", "desc": "AWISCO moves from the Bronx to Maspeth." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage4.jpg", "date": "1967", "title": "For Sale", "desc": "Harris Ace sells to Unibraze & becomes part of AWISCO franchise." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage5.jpg", "date": "1979", "title": "A Big Purchase", "desc": "Bernie buys Maspeth operation back from Unibraze" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage6.jpg", "date": "1990", "title": "Family Affair", "desc": "Lloyd Robinson begins working at AWISCO." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage7.jpg", "date": "1994", "title": "The First Expansion", "desc": "AWISCO International opens in Florida." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage8.jpg", "date": "2000", "title": "Like Father Like Son", "desc": "Lloyd buys AWISCO from his father, Bernie." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage9.jpg", "date": "2002", "title": "A Long (Island) Acquisition", "desc": "Dynamic Welding is purchased and becomes the AWISCO West Babylon." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage10.jpg", "date": "2005", "title": "AWISCO Takes Action in NJ & FL", "desc": "Action Industrial Gases is purchased & becomes AWISCO West Milford. Quality Services International is purchased and merges into AWISCO International in Florida." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage11.png", "date": "2007", "title": "Dual Purchases Add to NJ Team", "desc": "Gas Arc (top) is purchased & becomes AWISCO West Orange. The Welding Store (bottom) is purchased & becomes AWISCO Branchville." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage12.jpg", "date": "2008", "title": "NJ: The Place to Be", "desc": "Associated Industrial Gases is purchased & merges with AWISCO West Orange." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage13.png", "date": "2012", "title": "Back to Our Roots (Bronx) and Making it Tri-State", "desc": "Independent Welding (top) is purchased & becomes AWISCO Bronx. AWISCO Stamford (bottom) opens." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage14.jpg", "date": "2017", "title": "Something Big (Equipment) is Happening", "desc": "Nyrock Machine & Tools is purchased & becomes Nyrock Machine & Tools: A Division of AWISCO." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage15.jpg", "date": "2018", "title": "Welcome to Brooklyn!", "desc": "New York Welding Supply is purchased and becomes AWISCO Brooklyn." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/Outside-AWISCOTruck.jpg", "date": "2023", "title": "We made it to the Shore!", "desc": "Oxygen Supply Co., Inc. is purchased and becomes AWISCO Toms River." }