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AWISCO - About Us

Take a look at how we got to where we are today.

Why Choose Us

My father started this welding business in February 1952 and I am proud to say that AWISCO is still a family owned business!

The timeline below looks back at all that has changed to bring AWISCO to where it is today. While there have been many changes over the past [70] years, there are a couple of things that remain the same; a hardworking and dedicated AWISCO staff and loyal customers. I am proud to say that over 30% of AWISCO employees have been employed here for over 10 years. Those staff members account for over 500 years of experience. I would like to thank all AWISCO employees and customers for making AWISCO what it is today!
- Lloyd Robinson (President)

{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage1.jpg", "date": "February 1952", "title": "A Bronx Beginning", "desc": "Bernie Robinson starts ACE Welding on Fordham Road in the Bronx." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage2.jpg", "date": "1958", "title": "The Merger", "desc": "ACE Welding merges with Harris Welding in NJ & becomes Harris Ace Welding." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage3.jpg", "date": "1959", "title": "Change of Scenery", "desc": "AWISCO moves from the Bronx to Maspeth." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage4.jpg", "date": "1967", "title": "For Sale", "desc": "Harris Ace sells to Unibraze & becomes part of AWISCO franchise." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage5.jpg", "date": "1979", "title": "A Big Purchase", "desc": "Bernie buys Maspeth operation back from Unibraze" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage6.jpg", "date": "1990", "title": "Family Affair", "desc": "Lloyd Robinson begins working at AWISCO." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage7.jpg", "date": "1994", "title": "The First Expansion", "desc": "AWISCO International opens in Florida." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage8.jpg", "date": "2000", "title": "Like Father Like Son", "desc": "Lloyd buys AWISCO from his father, Bernie." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage9.jpg", "date": "2002", "title": "A Long (Island) Acquisition", "desc": "Dynamic Welding is purchased and becomes the AWISCO West Babylon." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage10.jpg", "date": "2005", "title": "AWISCO Takes Action in NJ & FL", "desc": "Action Industrial Gases is purchased & becomes AWISCO West Milford. Quality Services International is purchased and merges into AWISCO International in Florida." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage11.png", "date": "2007", "title": "Dual Purchases Add to NJ Team", "desc": "Gas Arc (top) is purchased & becomes AWISCO West Orange. The Welding Store (bottom) is purchased & becomes AWISCO Branchville." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage12.jpg", "date": "2008", "title": "NJ: The Place to Be", "desc": "Associated Industrial Gases is purchased & merges with AWISCO West Orange." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage13.png", "date": "2012", "title": "Back to Our Roots (Bronx) and Making it Tri-State", "desc": "Independent Welding (top) is purchased & becomes AWISCO Bronx. AWISCO Stamford (bottom) opens." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage14.jpg", "date": "2017", "title": "Something Big (Equipment) is Happening", "desc": "Nyrock Machine & Tools is purchased & becomes Nyrock Machine & Tools: A Division of AWISCO." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/TimelineImage15.jpg", "date": "2018", "title": "Welcome to Brooklyn!", "desc": "New York Welding Supply is purchased and becomes AWISCO Brooklyn." }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1287/content/media/My_Theme/Outside-AWISCOTruck.jpg", "date": "2023", "title": "We made it to the Shore!", "desc": "Oxygen Supply Co., Inc. is purchased and becomes AWISCO Toms River." }