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Press Brakes and Shears

Nyrock represents Durma for their Hydraulic Press Brakes and Shears.

Folding Machines

Nyrock represents RAS Systems, LLC for their line of CNC Folding Machines. These machines are high precision metal bending machines that utilize a powered leaf to fold the metal around the upper clamping beam tooling. This line of equipment is ideal for large parts, as the part is supported by the gauging table in the back. Job shops, metal door shops, architectural metal shops, sign shops, and many others are users of this type of equipment. They complement the press brake because type of machine can do operations a press brake cannot.

Nitrogen Generating Machines for Lasers

Everyone knows that laser cutting material with nitrogen as an assist gas is an expensive process. Storing nitrogen on site is also an expensive process. Industrial Solutions has come up with a method to save money and therefore increase profits.

Deburring & Finishing Equipment

Deburring & Finishing Equipment
This integral part of the production process is often overlooked, but it is very important in providing the desired finish or critical deburring on the parts you put your reputation on.

Hydraulic Ironworkers

Nyrock M & T Corporation has been a dealer for Piranha Ironworkers since 1993. Since that time we have sold hundreds of machines all over the tri-state area. The Piranha is made in the United States. It is built to withstand the harsh environment of an ironworker shop. It is typically faster, heavier, and has more features than our competition.

Structural Fabricating Equipment

Nyrock is proud to represent Ficep, manufacturer of Structural and Heavy Steel Plate Fabricating Machinery.

Ficep is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of this type of equipment. They control 75% of this market, and in 2002 started marketing their products in North America. Their U.S. facility is located in Forest Hills, Maryland.


A variety of quality metal fabricating saws are available through Nyrock from Pat Mooney Inc., Marvel Manufacturing, Kalamazoo Machine Tool Products and Kalamazoo Industries. These include Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Band Saws, Cold Saws, Abrasive Cutoff Saws and Non Ferrous Saws. Each of the manufacturers Nyrock represents has a proven track record of delivering reliable, accurate and well built saws.

Lenox Saw Blades

Nyrock is proud to represent Lenox Tools for their very broad and deep line of band saw blades and coolant. The Lenox Bi-Metal Blades utilize high seed tooth tips and and flexible alloy steel backing material for a blade that is most cost effective. Within this blade design are a wide variety of choices depending on the application. Below are some examples:

Hydraulic Presses

Nyrock represents Greenerd, Inc. and Mega Manufacturing for their Hydraulic Presses. These manufactures produce a number of different quality hydraulic press to meet your needs.

Hole Punching Presses

Nyrock does not carry a line of Turret Punch Presses. We carry Single Station Manual and Single Station CNC Punch Presses by W.A. Whitney, Boschert and MultiCyl.

Metal Stamping Equipment: Presses

Komatsu is a world leader in the manufacture of mechanical and servo mechanical metal stamping presses. Their U.S facility is located in Addison, Il and they have been a fixture in the United States for many years. Press sizes range from 35 tons to “Oh Wow!”

Metal Stamping Equipment: Servo Feeds & Reels

P/A Industries carries a full line of Press Equipment. Their tag line is “you supply the press, we’ll supply the rest.” They manufacture Payout Reels, Uncoilers, Straighteners, Servo Feeds, and Special Application equipment. Their facility is in Connecticut and all of their products are made with pride.

Metal Stamping Equipment: Safety Equipment

Nyrock carries ISB Safety Systems for their light curtains and other products designed to improve the stamping press process. They carry safety systems for presses, press brakes, and other equipment needing a light curtain barrier. ISB also carries Press Controls, Die Protection, Safety Mats, Dual Press Safety Valves, and Ergonomic Palm Buttons

Pipe and Tube Benders

There are a number of pipe and bender manufactures. Sometimes it can get confusing. Nyrock has been affiliated with Eagle/Carell Corporation since the mid 1990’s. We settled on this company to represent because of their reputation and full line of products. Nyrock has sold many of their machines over the years and we continue to have success.

Hardware Insertion Presses

Autosert manufactures a line of Hardware Insertion Presses out of their facility in Frederic, Wisconsin. They carry 20″ and 30″ machines. They also carry PC based machines.

CNC Positioning Gauges

For your CNC Press Brake Backgauges, CNC Shear Gauges and CNC Easy Gauges needs, Nyrock represents Automec, Inc. If you are in the market for CNC Positioning Systems for saws, presses, or any other equipment requiring a CNC Motor Controlled Stop, Tiger Stop products are just the solution.

Plate Roll Bending Machinery

Carell Corporation has a complete line of Plate Rolling Equipment ranging from 3′ to 16′ and from 26 gauge to 3″ thick. In addition, they also carry three roll, four roll, initial pinch, double pinch, and CNC controlled machinery. In short, they probably have the combination you need for your application.

Punches and Dies

This is where Nyrock M & T started in 1981: The punch and die business. Bruce Cameron opened Nyrock in 1981 representing a handful of companies. We are proud to say that all of these years later we are still representing two of those companies: Unipunch and Power Brake Dies. Bruce believed that you had to know tooling before you can recommend proper machinery for an application.

Bending Dies

For your metal bending needs, Nyrock represents Power Brake Dies, Polyurethane Corporation, and Wila Tooling Systems.

Shear Blades

Federal Knife manufactures Shear Blades for just about any shear. Over the years, we have sold blades for the following shears: Piranha, Cincinnati, Niagara, Amada, Wysong, Donewell, Tennsmith, and many others. The steel content of these blades can be high carbon, high chrome for maximum wear, or a shock resistant tool steel that resists chipping for heavier applications. They carry many sizes in stock.

Pipe and Tube Punching and Notching

Project Tool & Die specializes in punching, notching, cutting, and mitering of pipe and tube. Their tools can work with almost any press or ironworker. Their piercing units can have a mandrel or be open.

Non-Ferrous Machining And Cutting Systems

Nyrock represents Emmegi Group USA for their non-ferrous machining and cutting centers. Emmegi carries a wide variety of machining centers, covering a vast spectrum of manufacturing needs. Their U.S. facility is in Rutherford, NJ and includes a showroom, parts, and service. Here is an explanation of their services: