AWISCO Products

The welding and industrial supply products AWISCO carries represent the best available products from the best suppliers around the country and the wor


Acetylene* Aligal* Argon* Blueshield* Carbon Dioxide (CO2)* Compressed Air* Cryogenic Liquid Gases* Food Processing Mixes* GMAW (Mig) Mixes* GTAW (Tig) Mixes* Helium* Lab Mixes* Laser Mixtures* Mapp* Megacylinders* Nitrogen* Oxygen* Plasma Mixtures* Propane*

Gas Cylinder Group - gases page


Allstate Fluxes* Arcal* Eagle Antispatter* Gasflux* Harris-Welco Fluxes* Lake Chemical* Metal Preps* Nokorode* Permatex* Rector Seal* Solar Flux* Eagle Tip Dip* Weldaid*


Air Tool Products* Ajax* Allen Wrench* American Saw/Lenox* American Tool* Armstrong Brothers* Baldor* Bondhous* CM Hoist and Chain* Campbell Chain* Champion Tools* Channel Lock* Chicago Pneumatic* Contour Products* Cooper Group* Dearman Clamps* Dewalt* Empire Levels* General Wire Spring* H&M Pipe Bevelers* Heck Bevelers Hougen Mfg.* Jacobs Chuck* Jet Power Tools* Lee Wraparounds* Lufkin* Makita* Michigan Pneumatic* Milwaukee Tools* Mathey Pipe Bevelers* New England Carbide* Olympia Tools* Rigid Tools* Scotchman Industries* Simplex Hydraulics* Stanley* Sumner Mfg.* Visegrip*

Cutting Torch Set

Safety Equipment

Awisco First Aid Kits* Frommelt Welding Screens* General Fire Extinguishers* John Tillman Leather* Jackson Welding Helmets* Mine Safety Appliances* MSA Environmental* MSA Fall Protection* MSA Respirators* MSA Hardhats* Steiner Protective Clothing* Welding Blankets*

Welding Filler Metal

Allstate Maintenance Alloys* Lucas Milhaupt Silver Alloys* ESAB Group* Arcaloy* Atom Arc* Coreshield* Dual Shield* Nickle-Arc* Spoolarc* Harris-Welco* Stoody Hard Facing*


Oxy-Fuel Equipment

Acetylene Supply* Airco* Concoa* Dayco Welding Hose* ESAB* Modern Engineering* National Torch Tip* Purox* Oxweld* Smith Equipment* Superior Products Fittings* Turbotorch* Victor Equipment* Weldit Equipment* Weldtec* Western Enterprises Fittings*

Arc Welding & Plasma Power Supplies

ARCON* ESAB* MOSA Welders* Miller Electric* Thermal Arc* Thermal Dynamics*



Arcair* Atlas Chipping Hammers* Ceramic Nozzles* Direct Wire and Cable* Jackson Products* Lenco* OKI-Bering* Tweco Products* United Abrasives (Sait)* Weiler Brush*

Welding Cable Colors